Payments & Donations

Are you looking to Donate?

If you are looking to Donate any money to Velociti Entertainment we appreciate it. All money will be used for Paying for the Dedicated Server, Web Host, Domain, and any future Development for Velociti Entertainment.

Current Fee's:

$50 a Month for the Dedicate Server
$25 a Year for the Domain
$75 a Year for the Dedicated IP
$100 a Year for Web Hosting
Total for 1 Year $800

What do i get for Donating?

Below you will find the various Perks of Donating:

  • Donator Tier 1 – $5.00
    • Discord – Donator Tag
    • FiveM – $750,000 Money Booster
  • Donator Tier 2 – $15.00
    • Discord – Donator Tag
    • FiveM – $3,500,000 Money Booster
  • Donator Tier 3 – $25.00
    • Discord – VIP Tag
    • Discord – Access to VIP Channels
    • FiveM – $6,500,000 Money Booster
    • FiveM – Access to VIP Vehicles
  • Donator Tier 4 – $35.00
    • Discord – VIP Tag
    • Discord – Access to VIP Channels
    • FiveM – $9,000,000 Money Booster
    • FiveM – Access to VIP Vehicles
  • Donator Tier 5 – $50.00
    • Discord – VIP Tag
    • Discord – Access to VIP Channels
    • Discord – Private VIP Channel
    • FiveM – $15,000,000 Money Booster
    • FiveM – Access to VIP Vehicles
    • FiveM – Choice of 1 Vehicle from Here.


  • To Gain Access to Private Server Perks you must at least be a VE Member.
  • If you are a Staff Member for Velociti Entertainment you will NOT receive a Private VIP Channel.
  • It will normally take 24-48 Hours to get your Perks depending on the Volume of Donations.
  • Everything marked with * in front are Currently WIP.

FiveM Notes:

  • FiveM Money Boosters will take 24-48 Hours to Complete.
  • You will still have to Buy the VIP Vehicles but only those whitelisted for VIP Vehicles can buy them.
  • If you Donate for Tier 5 – Choice of Vehicle
    • It must be realistic.
    • Can't have Weapons.
    • Prefer for it to be Unique.
    • Staff Members will set a Realistic Price for the Vehicle.
    • All VIPs will have access to buy Vehicle.
    • It will take 1-2 weeks to get done. It depends on what all is currently being worked on.
  • FiveM Money Boosters are Stackable. Below are a few Examples:
    • If you donate $10 you will receive x2 of Tier 1.
    • If you donate $40 you will receive x1 Tier 4 & x1 Tier 1.
  • You will only receive rewards for what you donate. Example:
    • If you Donate $25 & the next day Donate another $25 you will not receive the rewards for $50.
    • However if you Donate $15 & then later Donate another $10 you will be moved from Donator to VIP & receive access to VIP Vehicles.
  • Will not be able to give VIP Perks to people who don't Donate. But you will be able to Donate for someone but all the Tier Perks will go to them.

Terms of Service & Agreement

Purchase Policy:

Velociti Entertainment does NOT take any responsibility for any mistakes you make with our Service. By buying anything on our website you agree that you will NOT Chargeback or attempt to Refund any of your Transactions through PayPal. If you are using another person's money to buy a product off our Website, you agree by completing the purchase that you do have their permission to use their money for this Transaction. Using a person's money without their permission will be dealt with Legally. By purchasing anything through Velociti Entertainment you agree that you are of the Legal Age (18) to make Online Transactions, & if NOT, the Owner of the Credit/Debit Car or PayPal Account Holder has Permitted you to do so.


Under Absolutely NO circumstances are payments to Velociti Entertainment Refundable. We do NOT offer refunds unless we deem you deserve one. As in if we or the Service makes a mistake we will refund you based upon a decision made there & then. Otherwise refunds are not a thing. Also we have the right to change any of our services at any time for any reason. Any attempted chargebacks or claims filed against Velociti Entertainment will be nullified. If you are somehow able to bypass these Terms or you are to make an attempt at filing a Chargeback, Dispute, or Claim on a Transaction, you will be Permanently Banned (IP/Steam) from all of our Services & anything that own on any of our Services will be Removed. If you transferred any Purchases to another Person/Account those will be removed from that person.

Top Donators

Below are the people who have Donated & how much they have Donated.

People who need their Perks:


NameDiscord IDAmountRankNotes
Kyle Vo#3533$182VIP2 Vehicles
Braxton T#5085$45VIPN/A
Harrison JohnsonN/A$35VIPN/A
Danny B#7392$30VIPN/A
Patrick H - Dapilot#1028$30VIPN/A
Greg L - FTOWGreg#6557$25VIPN/A
BigManH - Haledon S#6403$20Donator($5 from VIP)
FarminN/A$17Donator($8 from VIP)
Zach TN/A$15Donator($10 from VIP)
Dalton SherryN/A$15Donator($10 from VIP)
Devin M - Tyler Lewis#5959$15Donator($10 from VIP)
M. Rehard - Cobeck#3489$10Donator($15 from VIP)
Danniel Cummies - AuthorizedN/A$5Donator($20 from VIP)
RossN/A$5Donator($20 from VIP)

How & where do i Donate?

We only accept Donations through PayPal. Below you can see the current option.

PayPal Donate

  1. Virtual – Non-Refundable

    Its not easy running a Community. Currently it costs about $600 a year to keep our Dedicated Game Server running & about $200 a year to keep our Website/Forums running. So any Donations will go towards keeping everything updated & running. However in the event where we get over our Goal that money will either be saved for next year or go towards new things to better suit the Community.
    $0.00 donated

How do i Receive my Perks?

After Donating & want to Receive your In-Game Perks please visit our Forums & click on the App that says Donations. Or visit THIS LINK!