FiveM Changelog

Below i you will find all the Changes to the FiveM Server. We will use this instead of posting on the Forums so we can easily keep track of Changes.

Server Progression

Vehicles & Playermodels
TeamSpeak 3
Full Access



  • Can no longer Melee with Guns.
  • Fire Extinguisher now has unlimited ammo.
  • New UI & HUD Layout.
  • Added Pee/Poop Script & if you don’t use the bathroom you can take damage.
  • Handling Files & Vehicle Prices Completed.
  • Raised Drug time to fit the New Vehicle Prices.
  • Added Kick system to kick a random player if server is full & if a Staff member is trying to join.
  • New Panic Button for Police/Sheriff.
  • Changed Keys around for most of the Menus & UI.
  • Got rid of old outdated scripts & introduced new updated scripts.
  • New K9 System for Police/Sheriff.
  • Updated door locks to allow certain doors to be open for both Police, Sheriff, & Rescue.
  • New Upgrades to the map itself.
  • Radar System setup on certain roads that will auto give/pay fines for speeding.
  • Added Jaws of Life (SAW) for Rescue & Riot Shield for SRT/SWAT.
  • Police AI Interaction Menu – Only started when server isn’t busy.
  • Police/Sheriff can now Tackle.
  • Added Less Lethal Shotgun for Policing.
  • Fixed Jailed System.
  • Blackout script if you crash.
  • Weapon Farming is no longer an option.
  • Seat Shuffle no longer happens (If your in the passenger seat & the driver gets out you stay in passenger seat).
  • Police/Sheriff/Rescue menu redone (Moved a bunch of stuff around to make things look cleaner).
  • Added the Ability to Slash Tires
  • In-Game Tablet
  • VIP System with Perks
  • VIP Vehicles Added
  • Most AI are Friendly
  • Log Actions to Log File & Discord
  • Security Cameras for certain Buildings for Policing use Only.
  • Pet System to allow players to buy Pets.



  • Location of Illegal Weapon/Item Shop moved – Moved to Realistic Location.
  • New Location of Legal Weapon Shop has been added.
  • Location of Weed Sell moved to New Location.
  • Added Seat belts – Key Z.
  • Changed Addon Police, Sheriff, Fire/Rescue, Staff, & Division Vehicles to different spawn name.
  • Added a few New Job Vehicles & Skins.
  • A couple of New Vehicles added for Civilians to buy.
  • All Police, Sheriff, Fire/Rescue, Staff, & Division Vehicles have been updated to 4K Skins – This was a pain.
  • Added Police & Sheriff Door Locking Script – Some doors will be locked to only Policing Officers.
  • 2 Sets of Stoplights have been added to Senora Fwy.
  • A few new commands – Like Clear Chat & some new Staff Commands.
  • Added Weapon Attachments & Weapon Skin Menu – Some Attachments & Skins are bugged.
  • Black Chip for Secret Messaging – So now you can talk without giving out your identity.
  • Decreased Drug Time & Changed Pricing to be even – Before it was like 60+ Hours to get 2Million
  • Added New Aircrafts to Shop & Changed Pricing to be Fair.
  • Added New Boats to Shop & Changed Pricing to be Fair.
  • Changed Fuelers Spawn Truck & Delete Truck Location to avoid Problems.
  • Changed Legal Jobs to be Fair. Some Jobs make more for the Hard work.
  • Added Assault DLC Vehicles to the Shop.
  • Removed all Default Policing Vehicles & replaced them with Security Cars.
  • Almost Completed the Handling Files & Prices will come after.
  • Custom UI for ESX.
  • Radar System on Certain Roads giving fines for speeding.
  • Security Cameras for certain Buildings for Policing use Only.
  • Pet System to allow players to buy Pets.
  • New K9 System for Police/Sheriff.



  • More Weapons added to both Illegal & Legal Weapon Shop
  • Some Weapons in the Legal Weapon Shop are not in the Illegal Weapon Shop
  • New Admin System added
  • SRT/SWAT has new vehicle which is the riot2 aka RCV
  • Some Vehicles are Blacklisted from the Server
  • Some Weapons are Blacklisted from the Server
  • Added Vehicle Whitelist System for Staff Only
  • New Rule Added (Can't Steal Staff Vehicles aka Staff Cars that are Marked)
  • Vehicle Handling Files
  • Vehicle Prices



  • Changed Paycheck from 7mins to 10mins
  • Changed Drug Pricing to be Fair
  • Changed Drug Locations
  • Changed Paychecks to be Fair
  • Changed Job Items to payout more Fair
  • Added new CMD /laws
  • Changed the FiveM Page around
  • Controller Support
  • Spotlight
  • Heli Script
  • Cruise Control
  • Custom Vehicles
  • GTA V Online Vehicles
  • Some fines will be increased
  • Some Jail Times will be increased
  • Vehicle Controls