May 10, 2017


Velociti Entertainments Servers (Sub Communities)

Velociti Entertainments Main TS3

Public Servers

FiveM Serious RP

Sample Code

Our FiveM Server is a Serious Role-Play Server. We have Police (LSPD), Sheriff (LSCSD), & Fire/Rescue (LSCFR). This is not like most RP servers out there. Our Server has a Money System where you can buy Properties, Cars, Boats, Planes, Weapons, & Other items. We have both Illegal & Legal Activities to suit everyones needs. We have around 100 Custom Vehicles. There are Various Jobs a player can do. Come check us out. We hope to see you there.

Server Name: [VENT US]|SeriousRP|🚨Sheriff,Police,Rescue|🚗Custom Vehicles|🚫Legal/Illegal|👔Jobs|💲Money|+ More

Rust PvP

This server is a Serious PvP Server where KOS can & will happen. We have friendly Admins. We also have mods to help with some people & to give it a much better look because Vanilla doesn't look good. So join our Server & participate in Raids. Also please Raid Admins as we love to be raided & to raid back.

Other Info & Mods: Rust:IO/Clans, Death Notes, Sign Artist, Skip Night, No Decay, InstaCraft, Private Messaging, Security Lights, Pets, 5min Suicide Cooldown, 5x Gather, Murderers, Scientists, 15-60min Despawn, All Blueprints Unlocked, No Fuel needed for Lights, Skins Command, Turrets won't shoot AI/NPCs, Custom Stack Sizes, & More.

Private Servers

Our Private Servers are only ONLINE when players want to play on them. If you are a VE Member or above and would like for one of these servers to be turned on please contact a Staff Member.

7 Days to Die

Server Name: VENT|US|PvPvE|Private Server

Ark Survival Evolved

Server Name: VENT US – PvPvE/Private Server

Arma 3

Server Name: VENT | US | MilsimRP | Private Server


Server Name: VENT|US|Private Server


Server Name: VENT|US|PvPvE|Forge|Private Server

Let us know what game we should add next.