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Here at Velociti Entertainment Customs you will find all sorts of stuff that i have Created & Worked on over the past few Years.

FiveM Scripts & Wiki

We do NOT support Essentialmode or Zap Hosting. They are both 100% trash.

VENT FiveM Mod Pack

Velociti Entertainments FiveM Mod Pack.

FiveM Custom Map Addons

Custom made Map Addons.

ESX Advanced Garage

Allows Storing Ambulance, Police, Aircrafts, Boats, & Vehicles.

ESX Advanced Vehicle Shop

Allows Buying/Selling Ambulance, Police, Aircrafts, Boats, Cars, Trucks, & VIP Vehicles.

ESX Advanced Hospital

Allows players to Heal Themselves or get Plastic Surgery.

ESX Advanced Jail

Allows Police to Jail players in Multiple Locations.

ESX Advanced Weapon Shop

Allows players to buy Multiple Licenses to access different Weapon Types.

ESX Advanced Fuel

Allows players to Fuel their Aircrafts, Boats, Cars, & Motorcycles.

ESX Advanced Holdup

Allows players to Rob Stores & Banks.

ESX Advanced Banking

Allows players to access their Accounts via Banks & ATMs.

ESX License Shop

Allows players to Buy Licenses if they already have the Permit Test Completed.

ESX Vehicle Spawner

Allows players to Spawn & De-Spawn Vehicles from a Marker.

ESX Extra Items

Adds Items to Servers.


Future ESX Script Info.

We do NOT support Essentialmode or Zap Hosting. They are both 100% trash.

  • Restarting any Scripts can cause the Scripts to Break.
  • When going into the Marker nothing Happens.
    • Make sure you have setup the Scripts in the Correct load order. Scripts need to be after their Dependencies.
  • No Blips &/or Nothing is working.
    • Make sure you edit the config.lua because by default everything is turned off.
  • RegisterCommand Error
    • You need to make sure you are using the latest es_extended.


  • There is a limit on how many Vehicles you can own before the Menu Breaks.
    • Which is Roughly 36 Vehicles for Each Garage.
  • There is the Ability to Duplicate Vehicles.
    • The only real way to fix this it to remove the Impound Feature.
    • In the meantime you can set how long someone must wait before being able to access the Impound in the config.lua
  • This may NOT work with OneSync. I don't plan on Supporting OneSync.

How to Create a Vehicle Names file aka Vehicle Names showing NULL

  1. Create a New file in your Addon Vehicles Folder called vehicle_names.lua
  2. Add the following code to that vehicle_names.lua
    • function AddTextEntry(key, value)
      	Citizen.InvokeNative(GetHashKey("ADD_TEXT_ENTRY"), key, value)
      	--Example: AddTextEntry('16charger', '2016 Dodge Charger')
      	AddTextEntry('SPAWNNAME', 'VEHICLENAME')
  3. Change SPAWNNAME to the Spawn Name of the Vehicle & Change VEHICLENAME to whatever you want.
  4. In the fxmanifest.lua add client_script 'vehicle_names.lua'
  5. If you have any more problems please check Here on the FiveM Forums.

Saying you don't own any Vehicles / Can't Pull Vehicles out of Garage/Impound

  • Noted Here! or Take a look at the Vehicle Shop Fix.
  • If you are using this with esx_vehicleshop you MUST do one of the following:
    • A. Delete your owned_vehicle Table & upload my esx_vehicleshop_fix.sql
    • B. Edit your owned_vehicles Table by editing the Column job to NOT NULL & DEFAULT to As Defined: civ
  • Here is my owned_vehicles Table if you want to Compare:

Getting this to work with esx_property

  • Go to server/main.lua of esx_property & do the following:
    • Under
      TriggerClientEvent('esx_property:setPropertyOwned', xPlayer.source, name, true, rented)
    • Add
    • & Under
      xPlayer.triggerEvent('esx_property:setPropertyOwned', name, false)
    • Add

Changing multiple tables at once

Use UPDATE owned_vehicles SET job='civ' where job='';

How to add Items to your Shops.

  1. Open esx_extraitems.sql and go to INSERT INTO shops.
  2. On the ones marked ExtraItemShop change them to the Shop that you want.
  3. Import the Modified esx_extraitems.sql into your Database.


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