About Velociti Entertainment

Velociti Entertainment (VENT or VE) is an Electronics Company & a PC Gaming Community. We here at VENT mainly focus on Role-Playing & Action but play other types of Genres. We provide a Fun Realistic Role-Play Experience with all the games we play but try keep everything as fun as possible. We have many Positions for players to Rank up in our Gaming Community & our Sub Communities. You can see what all games we play on our Website.

Discord Rules

General Rules

  • No Harassment, Discrimination or Abuse of any kind (Be Respectful!)
    • No excessive Cursing, or Sexual Content. There is Zero Tolerance for Racism on this Server.
  • No Spam
    • This includes Server Invites, Mass Mentions, CAPs, Screamers, & Link Spam.
  • No Trolling & Heavy Politics
    • This includes Flame Wars, & Political or Religious debate.
  • No Advertising of any kind
    • This includes “follow me @ Example", Server Invites, & Affiliate Links.
  • No Sharing of Illegal Content
    • Sharing of Illegal Content & Discussing ways to circumvent DRM or anything similar is not allowed.
  • No Sharing of Private Information
    • Posting the Personal Information of peoples other than yourself is prohibited, & for privacy’s sake, we don’t recommend sharing your own.
  • Keep channel discussion on Topic.
    • If you don’t know where it should go, use #💬-off-topic-💬 .
  • No Abusing custom Emotes or Reactions.
    • This includes spamming reactions, & inappropriate emotes.
  • Don’t Tag Staff.
    • This includes @NAME i need help with …
  • No @ here or @ everyone.
  • No blank or Inappropriate Names
  • English ONLY.
  • No Shit posting
  • No multi-accounting
  • No open discussion of Punishments or appeals in Public Chats.
  • No infringing upon Terms of Service Agreements.
    • Including discussing or sharing means of violating TOS Agreements, including links to gray-market sites.
  • Special Names are not Allowed
    • Usernames with special characters (e.g. ! ? . ) at the front of the name will be removed as we see them. We don’t allow you to skip the username queue.
  • Applications will be removed if you leave our Discord
    • If you leave our Discord your Applications on the Forums will be Deleted & if you come back you must refill them out.

Private Message & Voice Rules

  • No Messaging Staff for Support for FiveM Scripts
    • Not all the Staff here know how to Script for FiveM.
  • All General Rules still apply in Voice Chat
  • No Voice Changers Allowed
    • Unless someone from that Staff Team approves.

Channel Rules

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