FiveM Help & Info

By connecting to our Discord/Servers you agree to follow our rules. Even if you don't read our rules you accept to follow them by connecting with us. Breaking any of our Rules can Result in:

  1. Any information about you Released on our Punishment Page.
  2. Permanent Ban from all Pages/Servers owned by Velociti Entertainment.
  3. Information forwarded to a Government Agency.

Server Info

  • This server is a Heavy Enforced Role-Play.
  • Server will restart at 12pm & 12am CST everyday to keep things Refreshed.
  • If Staff are not on please go to our Discord or Forums for any help.
  • Ban/Un-Ban Requests are to be dealt with on the Forums.
  • Players who Report an Exploit using the Proper Procedures will be Rewarded In-Game.


If you or someone else needs help for any reason or think that we should add/change please contact a Staff Member on our Forums or Discord.

(Note: Rules will be added as we go along. So please check back Regularly)

Bans & Unban Requests


(Ban Requests are to be Posted on the Forums)

  • Must have proper evidence of the person or persons breaking the rules.


(Unban Requests are to be posted on the Forums)

  • Unban Requests are not to be made a 2nd time for the same Reason even if it was Denied the 1st time.
  • Can NOT bump unban requests.
  • Unban Requests must use the proper Template Provided on the Forums.
  • Unban Requests must be made by the player who was banned.
  • Not Knowing the Rules doesn't make you exempt from them.
  • Breaking any Rules may result in Administrative Actions.
  • If another player breaks a Rules it does NOT give you the right to break a Rule yourself.
  • Staff reserve the right to Ban/Kick players they feel are being Toxic, Disruptive, or not playing by the Spirit of the Game Mode.
  • If you are a Whitelisted Job & you leave our Server for another Server without Filling out the Un-Whitelist Form on the Forums you will be Permanently Un-Whitelisted from all Jobs. 

Section 1 - Basics

In this Section we will go over the Basics In-Game & Out of Game Rules.

  1. NO Racism or Discriminating against other Players.
  2. NO Leaving to Avoid Punishments (LTAP) – Leaving the Server & Re-Joining at a later time to avoid a Punishment.
  3. NO Evading a Ban (Ban Evasion) – Getting your Account Banned & Re-Joining the Server with a Different Account.
  4. NO Threatening to use Hacks, DDoS, Crash Server, Cheat, or Cause Physical Harm to another Player outside the Server.
  5. NO using any Hacks, Cheats, Scripts, Third-Party Software, Injectors, Etc.
  6. NO abusing Exploits.
  7. NO Impersonating a Staff Member
  8. NO saying anything Offensive or Inappropriate in Out of Character Chat.
    • Example: Cussing in OOC because you are unhappy/upset.
  9. NO Mic/Chat Spamming.
    • Example: Screaming/Playing Music through Mic or Spamming the Same/Random Messages in Chat.
  10. Microphone is a MUST have. Not using a Mic but instead using Chat to talk to other players is NOT allowed. Players who don't have a Mic or Fail to use a Mic will be Kicked.
  11. In-Character Names MUST be a RP Name. NO RACIAL, PROFANE WORDS, or Nick Names
  12. In-Character (IC) – It is the foundation of Role-Play & refers to Acting as your Character.
    • Note: Stuff like /me & In-Game Voice is all In Character.
  13. Out-Of-Character (OOC) – Out Of Character means you are writing as yourself , the player, in the chat, not as your current Character.
    • Note: Stuff like /ooc & Voice Servers are all Out of Character.
  14. NO Breaking RP – When in an RP Situation stopping RP to say/do something OOC.
    • Note: You must never break character unless spoken to by a Staff Member – no exceptions.
  15. NO Random Death-Matching (RDM) – Killing someone with out a Role-Play Reason.
  16. NO Vehicle Death-Matching (VDM) – Randomly running people over in a Vehicle.
  17. NO Car Death-Matching (CDM) – Running into other Vehicles (Demolition Derby).
    • Note: Server Events are Excluded from this.
  18. NO Meta-Gaming (MG) – Abusing OOC Knowledge for IC Benefits.
    • Example: Referring to someone by their chat name without knowing it IC.
    • Notes: Breaking the New Life Rule (as described below) also counts as Meta-Gaming, as your character is not supposed to keep their knowledge of various things.
  19. No Power Gaming – Forcing another player into a Situation they can NOT Role-Play out of.
    • Note: Use common sense when encountering these types of Situations.
  20. NO Minging/Trolling – Is a term used to refer disruptive and immature players. In Role-Play, many Minges/Trollers attempt to break the Role-Play and cause chaos on purpose. THIS BEHAVIOR WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.
    • Note: Minging/Trolling can all be Considered Fail RP.
  21. NO Fail RP – Failing to stick to In-Character Knowledge during Role-Play, usually due to not following the rules. It is always important to note whether Fail RP was intentional or not.
    • Note: In general includes ignorance of rules regarding Fear RP, RDM, & as well as attempting to do impossible/invalid actions.
  22. NO Fear RP – Describes the IC character's fear of anything within the server. No matter how tough or self-composed the character normally behaves, you must remain fearful of the danger, otherwise it counts as Fail RP. ALL characters have Fear RP to an extent.
    • Note: Nearly every character would find themselves afraid if held at gunpoint or threatened with obvious death. While you might play smart, you must still comply with the enemy's demands & avoid death for as long as possible. If the situation changes, such as if the enemy no longer has Weapons Pointed at you, you can stop being afraid.
      Additionally, if death is certain (such as if the enemy declares their intent is to kill you), you may make a last attempt to escape or fight back. Both Parties still must RP the situation out.
  23. NO Breaking New Life Rule (NLR) – Means that the player's character forgets knowledge of various information learned before dying, including (but not limited to) Names, Characters, unusual locations or information gained from investigations.
    • Note: Being revived by a Policing Officer or a Fire/Rescuer means you are exempt from this. Players must follow NLR if they Die & Re-Spawn at a Hospital.
  24. NO Combat Logging – Disconnecting & Re-Connecting to Avoid a Jail Sentence or Waiting for the Death Timer to End.
  25. NO Cop Baiting – Taking actions in order to make the Police chase and/or engage with you, especially in order to start a firefight.
    • Note: Players who are running from Cops most of the Time for unfit reasons will be Considered Cop Baiting.
  26. No Whitelisted Job AFK – Going AFK as a Whitelisted Job.
    • Usually players do this to Earn extra money while they are gone.
    • Caught AFK as Whitelisted Job can result in Termination or Demotion.

Section 2 - In-Game

2.1 – In-Game Rules | Section 2.2 – Character Creation Rules
2.3 – Job Rules

Section 2.1 - In-Game Rules

  1. Can NOT Kill or Attack other players without Role-Play.
    • Must have a reason or a benefit to their character when trying to kill or attack another player.
    • Example: Yelling “hands up or die" without a reason is NOT valid role-play.
  2. Players may use vehicles as weapons as long as its within Role-Play & Logical.
  3. Can NOT intentionally use aerial vehicles to collide into other players or vehicles.
  4. Can NOT Steal or Attempt to Steal Fire/Rescue, Staff, or Military Vehicles including Police/Rescue Helicopter.
  5. If Emergency Service to Civilian Ratio is off & you have been Trained/Whitelisted for an Emergency Service Job & you are asked to go as Emergency Service you must follow what your told.
    • Note: Staff Members & Dept. Bosses can only request you to switch Jobs.
  6. During Policing Raids, Robberies, Etc the Police that are killed are allowed to go back to the location as new Cops. They only know that the location is being Raided/Robbed/Etc.
  7. Fire Fighters/Paramedics can NOT be killed or kidnapped without sufficient In-Character reasoning to do so.
  8. Character Models with nudity are permitted but please keep in mind that people do stream. In addition, you can be Arrested for Indecent Exposure.
  9. Not allowed to Off-Road in Vehicles that are not Fit for Off-Road Capabilities.
    • Example: Driving up a Mountain in a Banshee.
    • Meaning: If the Vehicle doesn't have Off-Road Tires &/or is a Car that sits low on the Ground then this is Considered “Fail RP".
  10. If your Job has a Job Required Vehicle you must use that Vehicle. Realistically you wouldn't haul Job Related items in a Personal Vehicle.
    • Note: These Jobs require the use of Job Vehicles – Fisherman, Fueler, Lumber-Jack, Miner, Slaughter, & Tailor.
  11. Players must Role-Play every Situation.
    • Example: “I ran the stoplight because of server lag" or similar situations is NOT allowed.
    • Exception: Players may only go Out Of Character when a Staff Member asks you to explain a situation and/or authorizes you to go OOC.
  12. Players must value their lives.
    • Example: If a player has a gun to their head they must act accordingly.
  13. If you are being held at gunpoint you must (within reason) follow their demands.
    • Note: If you don't have a Weapon out you can NOT pull a gun out & shoot them. This is known as “Fear RP"
  14. Players must Role-Play medical injuries correctly at all times.
  15. When revived by Emergency Services you can NOT get up & run until released.
  16. Players can NOT do something intentionally in front of police that wouldn't ordinarily be done. This is known as “Cop Baiting".
  17. Players can NOT intentionally Respawn, Log Out, or find another way to avoid Role-Play.
    • Example: You are Dead & Medics are Tending to you & you Respawn. You must Role-Play these Situations out.
  18. Players may remove another players Communication Device in a Role-Play manner.
  19. Players with removed Communication Devices are expected to Mute their Third-Party Communication Software.
    • Example: TeamSpeak 3, Discord, Skype, Etc.
  20. Players can NOT use information gathered from outside the server while in-game.
  21. Knowledge & Experiences should be learned & discovered by a players current character in-game.
  22. Players can NOT force another player into a situation that they cannot role-play out of. This is known as “Power-Gaming".
  23. Players can NOT enter an Owned Property to avoid consequences or Role-Play.

Section 2.2 - Character Creation Rules

  1. Character Names must be a Real Name.
    • Example: John Smith
  2. No using Nick-Names as a Character Name.
    • Example: Og Low
  3. Character DOB must be in the Format Month/Day/Year
    • Example: 05/26/1996

  1. Character Names are looked at Multiple times a Week. Failure to Setup you Character properly can result in:
    • Name Change &/or DOB Change
  2. If you do NOT setup your Character Properly money will be deducted.
    • Reason: You Waste our Time we Waste yours.

Section 2.3 - Job Rules


  1. Non Emergency Services are not allowed to Participate in Policing Raids.
  2. Allowed to have a Max of 2 People in the same Robbery. To have more then 2 People you must be in a Gang.


  1. Can only Help other Gang Members in your Gang. If their Current Job is NOT set to your Current Gang Job you can NOT Help them.
    • Example: John Smith is in The Ballas & Adam Smith in Unemployed but Whitelisted for The Ballas. You can NOT help him since both of their Jobs do not match.
  2. Can NOT Attack Cops if they have a Rival Gang in their Custody unless you Kill that Rival Gang Member.
    • Note: If during the Shootout you & the Police trade bullets & both Die at the same time it will not be Breaking a Rule.
  3. Gangs are allowed to Kill Cops who are trying to Arrest a Fellow Gang Member as long as that Fellow Gang Members Job is set to your Gang.
    • If the Cop isn't Arresting the Fellow Gang Member you can NOT Kill the Cop(s).
    • If you are not near or in the Area of your fellow Gang Member who is being Arrested you won't be able to help him. (This will be considered Meta-Gaming unless during the Traffic Stop that Gang Member sent you a Text Message for help).
  4. Gangs are NOT allowed to cause mayhem around the Map.
    • Note: Gangs are to increase the RP experience & to allow Gangs to do more things.
  5. Must still follow all Rules. Just because your in a Gang doesn't mean you can get away with RDM, Fail RP, Fear RP, Etc.
  6. Gangs are allowed to have more then 2 People during Robberies
    • Small Store/Bank Robberies = Max of 5 People
    • Large Bank Robberies = Max of 8 People
  7. Gangs can NOT help other Gangs aka have alliances.
    • If John Smith is in The Ballas & Adam Smith is in The Vagos neither can help each other since they are 2 different Gangs.
  8. Gangs are allowed to setup Agreements with other Gangs.
    • Example: 2 gangs meet up to setup control of Territories.

Taxi, Fisherman, Lumberjack, Miner, Butcher, Tailor, & Fueler Jobs

  1. Must use the Job related Vehicle at the spawner.
    1. For all Jobs listed above but Taxi you are allowed to use an Owned Commercial Vehicle that fits that Job.

Whitelisted Jobs

Mechanic Job

  1. Must use the Job related Vehicle purchased at the Dealership.

Policing & Fire/Rescue Jobs

  1. Must follow the Handbooks provided.

Section 3 - Punishments

Usually Warnings/In-Game Citations will be given out for NOT following the Rules. (Note: After Certain amount players will be Kicked &/or Banned for a certain period of time.)

NOTE: If someone is Hacking please seek a High Ranking Staff to ban the person ASAP. Also if someone is making Threats please go to the Applications Page & submit an Attacks App.

Punishments can be skipped depending on the case. All punishments will be logged on the Website if its Out of Game & CAD/MDT if its In-Game.

  • 1st Offense: Verbal Warning
  • 2nd Offense: Verbal Warning & Kicked
  • 3rd Offense: Stern Talking to & Kicked
  • 4th Offense: Temp Ban
  • 5th Offense: Last Temp Ban
  • 6th Offense: Permanent Ban & Banned from all Private/Public Servers
  • Note: We will give Various Kicks from the Server as we see fit this may or may not come with an Offense.

Here you will find some helpful information in-game. Like Controls, Commands, & More.

Controller support is our main goal with all these controls. If you play using a controller & a menu opens up please let us know on the forums what menu pops up & we will fix it.

General RP Rules

Fear/Fail RP is heavily enforced on this server due to the nature of it being “Serious RP”

What is Fear RP? For example someone is pointing a gun at you because they are either trying to mug/kidnap you. You cannot just get in your car and drive off or pull a gun out and shoot them you have to follow whoever is making the threat. Think of it as in real life would you just give your life up so easily? No you would communicate with the person.

What is Fail RP? Fail RP is the act of failing to stick to your in-game Role-Playing. Whether it be by taking information out of OOC and using it to Role-Play.

Required Policing Officers


  • Marijuana:
    • Min of 0 Policing Officers Online
  • Meth:
    • Min of 2 Policing Officers Online
  • Cocaine:
    • Min of 4 Policing Officers Online


  • Hostages:
    • Min of 3 Policing Officers Online
  • Player Robberies:
    • Min of 0 Policing Officers Online
  • Shop Robberies:
    • Min of 3 Policing Officers Online
  • Small Bank Robberies:
    • Min of 6 Policing Officers Online
  • Large Bank Robberies:
    • Min of 8 Policing Officers Online
  • Terrorist Attacks:
    • Min of 10 Policing Officers Online
    • Terrorist Attacks can only happen 1x every 6 hours.

Current Laws & Regulations for Los Santos County

  1. Weapons must be holstered at all times. Brandishing any Weapon in City Limits is Illegal.
  2. When driving a Vehicle at Night your Headlights must be used.
  3. Must followed Posted Speed Limits. Going to slow on Certain roads can result in a Slow Moving Citation.
  4. When stopped at a Stop Sign or Turning Right at a Stop Light you must come to a complete Stop & wait 3 Seconds before Proceeding.
  5. Marijuana is legal if you are Unemployed/Gang & you have the Marijuana License but can only carry a Max of 5. Anything more than 5 is Illegal.
  6. Joints are legal if you are Unemployed/Gang & you have the Marijuana License but can only carry a Max of 2. Anything more than 2 is Illegal.
  7. All vehicles must be driven on the Right Side of the Road.
  8. All Jobs excluding Unemployed/Gang must use Job Related Vehicles. This is due to safety issues & insurance claims.
  9. Licenses:
    • If driving a Vehicle you must have the License for that Vehicle.
    • If you have a Weapon you must have the license for that Weapon.
  10. All Explosives are Illegal.
  11. All Vehicles must have at least a rear US license plate.
    • Some Vehicles allow you to remove the Rear License Plate. If rear License Plate isn't shown you can receive a citation.
    • Some Vehicles don't have a Rear License Plate. In this case your are Exempt. Unless its an Off-Road Vehicle.
  12. Weapon related Items are Legal if you have your any Weapons License.
  13. Failure to pay Fines will result in longer Jail Sentences.
  14. Red & Blue Underglows/Headlights are Illegal.
  15. Dark Window Tint is Illegal.
    • If you can't clearly see the driver in the front 2 windows its Illegal.
  16. Lane Splitting is Legal.
  17. Helmets are Required on all Motorcycle & ATVs.
  18. Areas marked in Red are Illegal Locations. Caught within or around these Areas can result in Police Searching you with the reason in/around Known Illegal Area.
  19. Wearing any type of Police/Sheriff clothing is Illegal unless your an on Duty Officer. Caught wearing said clothing will be Considered Impersonation a Policing Officer.


These are considered Crimes:

  • Have Illegal Item/Weapon/Substance on you
  • Stolen a Vehicle (Note: CANNOT steal Fire or EMS Vehicles)
  • Robbed someone &/or Place
  • Murdered someone
  • Wanted by Police

These are considered Traffic Violations NOT a Crime:

  • Running Stop Sign/Light
  • Driving on Wrong side of Road
  • Speeding &/or Street Racing

There are other Crimes that you can do that we have not listed. You can run from the police at any time but please keep the Police Pursuits down to allow fun for everyone. Not everybody likes to do Police Chases all the time. If the same People are running from the Police to much they will be punished for Cop Baiting.


These are all the jobs listed below they can do freely:

  • Taxi Driver
  • Fisherman
  • Lumber Jack
  • Miner
  • Butcher
  • Tailor
  • Fueler

These are all the jobs that are Whitelisted & must apply for:

  • Police Dept.
  • Sheriffs Dept.
  • Fire/Rescue
  • Mechanic
  • Gangs

If Caught abusing any Jobs including the Jobs you can do Freely you can be UnWhitelisted from that Job meaning you won't be able to go that Job again.

Current Gangs

Gang NameGang LeaderGang Co-LeaderGang Members
CartelWilliam RichmanBo DukeBlade Warren
LostMCN/AN/ABud Johnson

Some controls work for both in a Vehicle & on Foot.

Foot Controls

F1All in One Menu
F2Radial Menu
Left CtrlCrouch
GSend Distress Signal when Dead
GLock/Unlock Building Doors (Lockpick Doors if no access)
ULock/Unlock Vehicles
CAPSShows Player Ids (Must Hold Key)
Left AltTalk on Radio
`~ aka TildaSwitch Voice Options

Weapon Controls

ZWeapon Safety & Firing Modes
YRadar Gun On/Off
ERadar Gun Freeze/Unfreeze
EArcs your taser and drive stuns if the taser is touching another player, eg neck. This makes another player ragdoll.
DeleteReloads your taser
InsertToggles taser safety mode
Page UpReactivate Taser Cartridge 1 (Left)
Page DownReactivate Taser Cartridge 2 (Right)

Vehicle Controls

-_Left Indicator
+=Right Indicator
BackspaceHazard Lights
GCruise Control
ZToggle Belt
Hold FKeep Door Open & Engine On
Page UpToggle Engine
UVehicle Lock/Unlock
ENear back of Trailer to Raise/Lower Gates
GLock/Unlock from Trailer


Num 2Boom - Raise
Num 8Boom - Lower
Num 4Bucket - Lower
Num 6Bucket - Raise


Num 1Right Side - Out
Num 3Right Side - In
Num 4Left Side - Out
Num 6Left Side - In
Num 2Back - Up
Num 8Back - Down

2015 Ford F550 SYNERGY

Num 1Basket Tilt - Back
Num 3Basket Tilt - Front
Num 4Bottom Arm - Up
Num 6Bottom Arm - Down
Num 2Top Arm - Up
Num 8Top Arm - Down
Num 7Rotate Right
Num 9Rotate Left


Num 1Front Scoop - Up
Num 3Front Scoop - Down
Num 4Middle Scoop - Up
Num 6Middle Scoop - Down
Num 7Middle Scoop - Left
Num 9Middle Scoop - Right
Num 2Middle Scoop - Tggl Snow
Num 8Front Scoop - Tggl Snow

Bobcat E55 SYNERGY

Num 0Bucket - Down
Num .Bucket - Up
Num 1Rotate Right
Num 3Rotate Left
Num 4Front Scoop - Up
Num 6Front Scoop - Down
Num 7Main Arm - Down
Num 9Main Arm - Up
Num 2Second Arm - Up
Num 8Second Arm - Down

Bobcat Skid Loader SYNERGY

Num 2Boom - Raise
Num 8Boom - Lower
Num 4Bucket - Lower
Num 6Bucket - Raise

Liebherr Excavator SYNERGY

Num 1Bucket - Down
Num 3Bucket - Up
Num 4Main Arm - Up
Num 6Main Arm - Down
Num 2Second Arm - In
Num 8Second Arm - Out
Num 7Rotate Right
Num 9Rotate Left

Mechanic Controls

EAt bed to attach/detach Vehicle (Useable in vehicle on bed as well)
Left ArrowAttach & Wind Winch
Right ArrowUnwind Winch
Up ArrowRaise Bed (automatic, click once)
Down ArrowLower Bed (automatic, click once)
GRemove Rope

Emergency Foot Controls

GLock/Unlock Doors
HomeDistress Signal
Left Shift + GTackle Player
Arrow UPIncrease Hose Pressure
Arrow DownDecrease Hose Pressure

Emergency Vehicle Controls

QToggle Lights
RManual Siren/Switch Sirens
YToggle Secondary Siren
Caps LockToggle Sirens

Emergency K9 Controls

XK9 Follow/Heel
Weapon Point + BK9 Attack

Emergency Heli Controls

ESwitch to Heli Camera
Right Mouse ButtonNormal, Night, Thermal Vision
GToggle Spotlight
SpaceLock on to Target Vehicle with Camera
QToggle Vehicle Info
YSpotlight Increase Brightness
Arrow DownSpotlight Decrease Brightness
Caps LockSpotlight Increase Radius
Left ShiftSpotlight Decrease Radius
ZRaise/Lower Rescue Baskets

Custom Commands

/report TEXTHEREReport a Player or an Issue
/clear or /clsClears Chat for Yourself
/togglehudToggle Bottom Right HUD
/togglechatToggle Chat 3 Stages (When Active/Hidden/Visible )
/togglebeltToggle Seatbelt Chime
/me TEXTHEREIn Character Proximity Chat
/twt TEXTHEREIn Character Global Tweet
/atwt TEXTHEREGlobal Anonymous Tweet
/kneelStand up if Handcuffed
/postal POSTALHERESets a Separate GPS Location to Specified Postal
/postalDeletes Postal
/rb1Removes Taser 1 Barbs
/rb2Removes Taser 2 Barbs
/resettaserReloads your taser, removes any barbs & resets cartridges

Custom Clothing

TypeSlot 1Slot 2
Gabz Bagsbags_1: 21, 22, 23bags_2: 0-19
TLS Oakley Glassesglasses_1: 9, 10, 11glasses_2: 0-11
TLS Oakley Glassesbags_1: 69bags_2: 0-11
TLS Hatshelmet_1: 109helmet_2: 0-8
TLS Maskmask_1: 92mask_2: 0-5
TLS Maskmask_1: 122mask_2: 0-2
TLS Shirtstorso_1: 208torso_2: 0-23
TLS Hoodiestorso_1: 219torso_2: 0-14
LostMC Vestsbproof_1: 18bproof_2: 0-5

Trailer Help

Trailer NameTypeBoats
Small Boat TrailerHitchCoast Guard Defender, Coast Guard Dinghy, SeaDoo Speedster 200, Zodiac, Dinghy 1-4, Squalo, Suntrap, Tropic 1-2
Big Boat TrailerSemiSea Ray L650 Fly, Sea Ray L650, Marquis
Flatbed Boat TrailerHitchSea Ray L650 Fly, Sea Ray L650
JetSki TrailerHitchCoast Guard SeaDoo, SeaDoo GTI 215, Seashark 1-3
Nitro Boat TrailerHitchNitro Boat, SeaDoo Speedster 200, Zodiac
Tritoon TrailerHitchTritoon, Hydroplane
SeaDoo TrailerHitchCoast Guard SeaDoo, SeaDoo GTI 215, Seashark 1-3
Yellow Fin TrailerHitchYellow Fin, Jetmax, Speeder 1-2, Toro 1-2

FiveM Codes & Fines

If we are Missing any Codes or Fines please contact the Owner or Co-Owner so we can add the them.

You can Download the Codes & Fines at HERE!


Welcome to the Los Santos Policing Dept Final Exam. You are required to fill this out after the Policing Training. Note: Filling this out Before Training will result in your Previous Exam App being Denied. You only need to fill this out AFTER you have Completed your Police/Sheriff Training.

Click Here to go to Exam

Empty tab. Edit page to add content here.


Welcome to the Los Santos Fire/Rescue Final Exam. You are required to fill this out after the Fire/Rescue Training. Note: Filling this out Before Training will result in your Previous Exam App being Denied. You only need to fill this out AFTER you have Completed your Fire/Rescue Training.

Click Here to go to Exam

Vehicles & Playermodels
Discord Integration

Pending Polls


Completed Polls

  1. Which should we choose? 1st Person outside Vehicles & 3rd Person inside Vehicles | 1st Person in everything |3rd Person in everything
    • Results: 3rd Person in everything
  2. Should we allow Players to see each other on the Map & not Mini-Map?
    • Results: No
  3. Should we install something like gcPhone?
    • Results: Yes
  4. Should we add more drugs like Meth?
    • Results: Yes
  5. Should we change the UI?
    • Results: No
  6. Should we change the Prices of Everything?
    • Results: Yes
  7. Should we change the Cop to Civ Ratio from 1:2?
    • Results: Yes 1:3 (Might change back to 1:2 if things pickup!)
  8. Should we use TokoVoip?
    • Results: No
    • Reason: TokoVOIP isn't a good enough reason to switch back to TS3. For those people who don't have enough RAM to run both Discord, TS3, & FiveM it would cause problems.
  9. Should the FiveM Police/EMS CAD/MDT be changed?
    • Results: Yes – Use HTML In-Game CAD
  10. Should we set all AI Vehicles locked & Require people to buy lockpicks to Steal them?
    • Note: This is include's that if you Shoot the driver of the Vehicle it will still be locked.
    • Results = No

FiveM Roster