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Update #2 (GMOD) - Human Tree92 - 03-10-2017

So lately we have been getting a few errors that we are fixing. Just today i noticed some people AFKing while on a job. To prevent future AFK players i have added an AFK system. After 9mins you will receive a Warning. Then After 10mins you will be kicked. So it will be (9min=Warning Message & then 1min after that warning message you will be kicked from the server).

Next Update going to look at getting 2 new Scripts to make the RP much better. 1 of those scripts is going to be a Parking Meter where users will have to pay to park in certain areas of the map. It will also give cops another weapon to use which is the Car Boot for those who don't want to pay the ticket. Also going to add a Radio in-game where users can buy a radio & they can place it at their houses so while they are doing illegal things they can listen to a radio.