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Update #32 (FiveM & Community)

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(This post was last modified: 06-15-2018, 07:55 AM by Human Tree92.)
I would like to bring attention that our FiveM server is no longer up. It hasn't been for over a week. We decided to close it down till everything is finished. After some staff members kept on complaining about certain things over & over again we decided to take it down till all the bugs are fixed. Here is just a quick update on what we will be working on & what has been finished. We do not have a release date yet but we will release it when we are ready. If you have any questions on this topic please post it on the forums. Also any problems not posted on the forums will be ignored.

More Weapons added to both Illegal & Legal Weapon Shop
Some Weapons in the Legal Weapon Shop are not in the Illegal Weapon Shop
New Admin System added
SRT/SWAT has new vehicle which is the riot2 aka RCV
Some Vehicles are Blacklisted from the Server
Some Weapons are Blacklisted from the Server
Added Vehicle Whitelist System for Staff Only
New Rule Added (Can't Steal Staff Vehicles aka Staff Cars that are Marked)

Vehicle Handling Files
Vehicle Prices

Pet System to allow players to buy Pets

Founder/Owner of Velociti Entertainment
William J Plunkett Jr aka Human Tree92
06-15-2018, 07:39 AM
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