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Update #33 (FiveM & Community)

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I would like to apologize for the slow updates. Yes i know that it has been roughly 2 months since i last posted an update or anything. I went on a small Vacation for a week but been having a lot of stuff to do outside of my community. So lets get started with whats NEW & what has CHANGED.

The Rust Server is down. Not sure if we will continue to do a Rust Server right now. At most there are about 10 or less players who actually play Rust. So in the meantime we will keep the server but it will be offline. I do have a few things i need to work on for it but i will be doing those later. 

So there has been a lot of work done to FiveM over the past few Months. And i will cover those below. But let me get things straight. We are hard working on getting this server done. We are now in Private Beta & are very very close to being ready for a Public Beta.

Here are some new things & updates done to FiveM:
  • Location of Illegal Weapon/Item Shop moved - Moved to Realistic Location.
  • New Location of Legal Weapon Shop has been added.
  • Location of Weed Sell moved to New Location.
  • Added Seat belts - Key Z.
  • Changed Addon Police, Sheriff, Fire/Rescue, Staff, & Division Vehicles to different spawn name.
  • Added a few New Job Vehicles & Skins.
  • A couple of New Vehicles added for Civilians to buy.
  • All Police, Sheriff, Fire/Rescue, Staff, & Division Vehicles have been updated to 4K Skins - This was a pain.
  • Added Police & Sheriff Door Locking Script - Some doors will be locked to only Policing Officers.
  • 2 Sets of Stoplights have been added to Senora Fwy.
  • A few new commands - Like Clear Chat & some new Staff Commands.
  • Added Weapon Attachments & Weapon Skin Menu - Some Attachments & Skins are bugged.
  • Black Chip for Secret Messaging - So now you can talk without giving out your identity.
  • Decreased Drug Time & Changed Pricing to be even - Before it was like 60+ Hours to get 2Million
  • Added New Aircrafts to Shop & Changed Pricing to be Fair.
  • Added New Boats to Shop & Changed Pricing to be Fair.
  • Changed Fuelers Spawn Truck & Delete Truck Location to avoid Problems.
  • Changed Legal Jobs to be Fair. Some Jobs make more for the Hard work.
  • Added Assault DLC Vehicles to the Shop.
  • Removed all Default Policing Vehicles & replaced them with Security Cars.
Here are the Current WIP/Possible Updates to come:
  • Almost Completed the Handling Files & Prices will come after.
  • Custom UI for ESX.
  • Radar System on Certain Roads giving fines for speeding.
  • Security Cameras for certain Buildings for Policing use Only.
  • Pet System to allow players to buy Pets.
  • New K9 System for Police/Sheriff.
And if you Missed last times update here it is again:
  • More Weapons added to both Illegal & Legal Weapon Shop
  • Some Weapons in the Legal Weapon Shop are not in the Illegal Weapon Shop
  • New Admin System added
  • SRT/SWAT has new vehicle which is the riot2 aka RCV
  • Some Vehicles are Blacklisted from the Server
  • Some Weapons are Blacklisted from the Server
  • Added Vehicle Whitelist System for Staff Only
  • New Rule Added (Can't Steal Staff Vehicles aka Staff Cars that are Marked)

That is all that i have for yall now. But more will come soon now that my schedule is all fixed. For those that haven't done the Policing or Staff Training need to get the DONE ASAP.

Founder/Owner of Velociti Entertainment
William J Plunkett Jr aka Human Tree92
08-28-2018, 09:20 PM
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