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Update # 34 (Community)

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Sorry for not posting any updates for the past few months. There has been a lot of changes. I get so caught up working on FiveM & other stuff that i completely forget to come on here & post the Updates. So with there being a lot of updates going on in FiveM i am making things easier. For now on i will be posting any changes to FiveM on the Website. You can view them all here

[To see links please register]

. This makes it so much easier to update my changes. I will most likely be posting updates in a Category for example each Month. So every time i make changes in FiveM i will post it in each Month Category. So if you would like to view any changes visit that.

Yes our FiveM server is Open to the Public & we have had our ups & downs so far. We will be taking donations for our FiveM Server as well & those that Donate will get VIP Rewards. However tho due to FiveM terms once we receive our Yearly donation marker all donations for FiveM will be closed. This is so we abide by FiveM TOS. 

In Other News starting in 2019 i will be starting to get our Rust Server back up. I have missed playing Rust. Join our Community & you won't regret it.

Founder/Owner of Velociti Entertainment
William J Plunkett Jr aka Human Tree92
12-06-2018, 08:10 PM
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