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Common Questions

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Common Questions

DeSync Problem - DeSyncing is not the servers fault. Our server is a low ping server. So if you are running a lot of internet usage programs while on our server you will get some syncing issues. A few ways to make sure on how to decrease this issue is to limit your background programs or try turning down your graphics. Most Staff on the server have high FPS & low ping.

Server Location - Our server is hosted through nocix. Its a low ping server & its hosted in Kansas City, Kansas.

Custom Vehicles not loading - If someone is using a custom vehicle & you can't see it give it a few mins to fully load. If all else fails leave the server & rejoin to see if that fixed it.

Falling through map - This is due to you not loading the map. Try messing with you graphics to reduce the problem.

Engine Always Running - We use a Leave Engine Running Script. To turn off Vehicle you must first do /save while in vehicle then do /engine to turn it off.

HUD/UI Messed Up - Make sure your Aspect Ratio is set to 16:9 or 16:10 - Anything below 16:9 doesn't fit right on the screen.

Can't Talk In-Game - Go to your Settings & turn off Voice then turn it back on - This is common for GTA & FiveM

Resource Time Warnings - Yes we know about them. Some of them we can't fix like vMenu & esx_AdvancedFuel

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04-26-2019, 12:10 PM
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