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Velociti Entertainment is a PC Role-Playing & Gaming Community

About Us

Velociti Entertainment (VENT or VE) is an Electronics Company & a PC Gaming Community. We here at VENT mainly focus on Role-Playing & Action but play other types of Genres. We provide a Fun Realistic Role-Play Experience with all the games we play but try keep everything as fun as possible. We have many Positions for players to Rank up in our Gaming Community & our Sub Communities. Comes check us out & join our Community. If you would like to take part & Rank Up in our Community you can start off by filling out our App on our Forums to become a VE Member.

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By connecting to our TS3/Discord/Servers you agree to follow our rules. Even if you don't read our rules you accept to follow them by connecting with us. Breaking any of our Rules can Result in:

  1. Any information about you Released on our Punishment Page.
  2. Permanent Ban from all Pages/Servers owned by Velociti Entertainment.
  3. Information forwarded to a Government Agency.

Velociti Entertainment Rules

  • Not Knowing the Rules doesn't make you exempt from them.
  • Breaking any Rules may result in Administrative Actions.
  • If another person breaks Rules it does NOT give you the right to break a Rule yourself.
  • Staff reserve the right to Ban/Kick players they feel are being Toxic or Disruptive.

Forum Rules

  1. Velociti Entertainment is aimed at a General Audience. Please refrain from posting Vulgar Responses, Drug-related topics, Nudity, Porn, & other Explicit Content.
  2. This is an English speaking forum. All Messages, Posts, Titles, Signatures, & Content must be in ENGLISH.
  3. Profiles & Signatures can NOT contain any Nudity, Porn, Gore, & other Explicit Content. Staff Icons & Images are Prohibited.
  4. Affiliates or Referral Links are Prohibited (Unless permission is Given)
  5. Topics must be submitted to the relevant forum section.
  6. Treat others with Respect. Trolling on the Forums is not allowed.
  7. Personal Info posted in public as well as False Impersonations, Illegal Content, or Selling of a Person's Confidential or Personal Info is Strictly Forbidden.

General Rules

  1. No name Calling, Threatening, or Blackmailing another person in the Community
  2. Treat others the way you want to be treated (Respect All Members)
  3. If you’re going to Record please use the Recording Channel. This is so other players in the Community know that you are Recording & not to bother you.
  4. If you feel threatened please come to an Staff Member or Submit a Complaint on the Forums.
  5. You can Joke around with another person but when they ask you to Stop then you need to STOP!!!
  6. No going into Private Channels unless you are at least a VE Member or a Staff Member moves you.
  7. No going to a Dedicated Server RP Channel & not be on that Server.
  8. No Duplicate User IDs unless an Administrator Approves it.

Staff Rules

  1. If Accepted as Staff Member for VENT you cannot give out ranks or Remove Ranks without a Valid Reason.
  2. Can only Ban/Kick someone if you have a Valid Reason.
  3. Must be on at least 2 Days a Week.
    • If you have School or Work you are Excused from this but must be on at least 1 Day a Week.
  4. Staff will be Staff in all Games.
  5. Staff will not have the Ability to Whitelist Players on our Whitelisted Servers. Only the Owner will have the ability.
  6. Must follow the Chain of Command (Unless it's something harming you/someone else)
  7. Staff Members will not get away with everything. You must also follow all other Rules.
  8. Must treat everybody Equal & with Respect
  9. If you don't like another Staff Member just put up with them even though you don't want to.
  10. If you’re going to be gone longer than 2 Weeks you need to fill out a LOA Form.
  11. Must stay up to Date with the Forums & Rules. (Announcements will not be posted every time a Rule is Changed.)
  12. Must be Active with the Community.
    • Unless your on an LOA.
  13. Can not Remove Punishments from users that where handed out by someone Higher then you.
  14. If you have access to Game Panel you must always shutdown a Private Server if Nobody is on it.
    • We do this so we have more resources for other servers.
  15. No trying to recruit members from our community to join another community/clan.
  16. Certain Staff Members will have the Ability to Approve/Disapprove Applications.
  17. Staff Members are allowed to be in another Community that has the same Games that we have but:
    1. If they have FiveM must follow the below:
      1. Not allowed to be a Staff Member for their FiveM Server.
      2. Not allowed to be a Whitelisted Job like Policing & Rescue.
      3. Is allowed to be a Civilian on their Server.
    2. If they have Rust must follow the below:
      1. Not allowed to be a Staff member for their Rust Server.


Punishments can be skipped depending on the case. All punishments will be logged on the forums along with First & Last Name, SteamID, & any other Information we see fit.

  • 1st Offense: Verbal Warning
  • 2nd Offense: Verbal Warning & Temp Warning
  • 3rd Offense: Stern Talking to & Permanent Warning
  • 4th Offense: Temp Ban
  • 5th Offense: Last Temp Ban
  • 6th Offense: Removed from Community & Banned from all Private/Public Servers
  • Note: We will give Various Kicks from Server or Channel as we see fit this may or may not come with an Offense. However if we feel you are breaking too many rules who you are not doing what your told you can be demoted back to a Certain Rank or to a Member.

Chain of Command

Owner – Head Staff – Regular Staff

How to Follow the Chain of Command

  • Regular Staff Members will go to Head Staff if on. If not on they will go to the Owner.


  1. Each Staff have their own jobs but can help another Staff Member out if they ask or allow you to help.

Private Server Rules

  1. Only VE Members & Above will have the Ability to play on Private Servers.
  2. In order to Play on a Private Server please fill out the App for that Server.
  3. Anyone who is not at least a VE Member & has not filled out the App for that Private Server will be Permanently Banned from that Server & will not be unbanned.
  4. Anyone giving out the Private Servers Password to someone who does not Normally have Access will be Permanently removed from our Community.
  5. Breaking any rules for that Private Server can result in Permanent Ban from that Server & any other Server.
  6. No use of Hacks or Cheats on any of our Private Servers.

7 Days to Die Rules

  1. PvP & KOS is Allowed.

Ark: Survival Evolved Rules

  1. No Raiding other Tribe Members Bases
  2. No Killing Tribe Members Dinosaurs
  3. PvP & KOS is Allowed

Arma 3 Rules

  1. No hurting/killing Teammates (Unless in a Non RP Scenario)
  2. No Killing in Spawn

American Truck Simulator Rules

  1. Must follow all traffic laws. (Speed Limits, Stop Signs, Stop Lights, Turn Signals, Hazard Lights, Etc.)
  2. No leaving your load in front of other Drivers & Blocking Road
  3. Try not to use the Teleport to Repair Shop while driving for us
  4. If Convoying all members must stay in 1 lane with at least 1 Semi Truck apart from each other & only leave that lane when passing another player.
  5. Be Respectful to other players In-Game
  6. Must be able to set Velociti Trucking as in Game Name
  7. Trucks can be any color
  8. Must have Traffic Offenses & Realistic Fuel ON
  9. Can NOT be in another Trucking Company for ATS.

Insurgency Rules

  1. No Team Killing

MineCraft Rules

  1. No Destroying the main City at 0,0
  2. PvP & KOS is allowed in Certain Areas
  3. When the Owner is in CM mode no interfering with his work
  4. X-Ray Packs can be used. However don't use them to dig under someones property.

Section 1 - Basics

In this Section we will go over the Basics Rules.

  1. Keep Chat Clean.
  2. No Cussing or Foul Language.
    • Certain Staff Members can use Foul Language.

Section 2 - Channels

In this Section we will go over the Channel Rules.

Section 2.1 - Text Channels

  • General Chat – Talk about anything.
  • Scripting Chat – Talk about Scripts made by Human Tree92.
  • FiveM Suggestions – Suggest stuff for the VENT FiveM Server.
  • Images/Videos – Post Images & Videos here for others to see.
  • Argue Chat – A place for people to rant about anything.

Section 2.2 - General Channels


Would you like to advertise Velociti Entertainment to help us grow? Download the file below. There you will have everything you need to advertise Velociti Entertainment.

Velociti Entertainments Servers

Velociti Entertainments Discord

FiveM Serious RP

Our FiveM Server is a Serious Role-Play Server. We have Police (LSPD), Sheriff (LSCSD), & Fire/Rescue (LSCFR). This is not like most RP servers out there. Our Server has a Money System where you can buy Properties, Cars, Boats, Planes, Weapons, & Other items. We have both Illegal & Legal Activities to suit everyones needs. We have around 100 Custom Vehicles. There are Various Jobs a player can do. Come check us out. We hope to see you there.

Rust PvP

This server is a Serious PvP Server where KOS can & will happen. We have friendly Admins. We also have mods to help with some people & to give it a much better look because Vanilla doesn't look good. So join our Server & participate in Raids. Also please Raid Admins as we love to be raided & to raid back.

Our Private Servers are only ONLINE when players want to play on them. If you are a VE Member or above and would like for one of these servers to be turned on please contact a Staff Member.

7 Days to Die

Server Name: VENT|US|PvPvE|Private Server

Ark Survival Evolved

Server Name: VENT US – PvPvE/Private Server

Arma 3

Server Name: VENT | US | MilsimRP | Private Server

Broke Protocol

Server Name: VENT|US|Private Server


Server Name: VENT|US|PvPvE|Forge|Private Server


Server Name: VENT|US|PvPvE|Private Server

Let us know what game we should add next.

Let us know what game we should add next.

Other Servers are Servers that we Develop for. Below you will find all the Servers that Velociti Entertainment Develops.


Velociti Entertainment Intro

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