Are you looking to buy something from us? We are selling all of our items on Ebay to make Buying & Shipping much easier. But if you live in or around Butler, Missouri you can visit our Electronic Buy/Sell/Trade Page.


Are you looking to sell an item through Velociti? The sell page is only for those who live either in or around Butler, Missouri.

Would you like Velociti Entertainment to sell an item for you?

We will sell your items for you. It can be anything that you want sold quick. Here is what we will need:

  1. At least 4 Pictures of the Item (Including any Defects)
  2. As much Info about the Item
  3. Pickup info (This is mainly for us)

Once we have everything we will list the Item or Items on Multiple Websites including eBay & Amazon. If the item sells we will package the item for shipping & send it to the Post Office. Afterwards we will get together to meet up for the money or we can wire you the funds to a PayPal or Bank Account.


We charge a small fee. This covers eBay or Amazon fees, PayPal fees, Packaging, Listing, & Transport fees.


If by any chance you would like to cancel an item that is selling we will remove the Item or Items from all Websites. We will also charge a $5 Cancelling Fee & an additional $2.50 for each additional Item. These fee's cover the listing fee's.

Why sell through Velociti Entertainment?

We have a high chance & a very good Rating with all of our items sold. We also provide a well refund. In case the person who buys the item wants a refund we charge a 15% restocking fee plus the buyer would have to ship the item back. In this case you would get your item back to either keep or be relisted + 5% of the restocking fee if you decide you want to keep the item.


Do you have a broken Electronic Device that needs Repaired or have an item Upgraded?

We here at Velociti Entertainment specialize in Repairing & Upgrading all kinds of Electronic Devices.

Repairs & Upgrades

TVs, Phones, Computers, Head Units, LED Lighting, Gaming Systems, Gaming Controllers, Remotes, Headsets, & Much More.

If you would like to have an item Repaired or Upgraded please fill out the Form Below.


Need help Installing or Setting something up?

We here at Velociti Entertainment can also help setup Electronic Devices.


  • Say you bought a Brand New Head Unit or LEDS with all the parts you need but don't have the time or don't know how to set it up. We can come to you and Install the Head Unit or LEDS for you. We will have it in the Vehicle ready to go in less than a Few hours.
  • Say you bought a TV or Computer and need help installing it. We can help install everything. Don't want to meet up to Install the Computer then we can call you and help set it up over the phone.


All Setup fee's are cheap. We charge a low price of $20 plus $5 for every hour. So if we have the setup done in 2 hours it will only be $25.


If you live in Butler, MO or within 30miles it will only be the $20 plus the $5. Any further we will charge an additional $5 per 30miles. So it would be $25 plus the $5.

Vehicle Detail

Do you need your Vehicle Cleaned?

If you need to have you vehicle cleaned we will come to you & clean it for you.

  1. Simple Wash: This includes Power washing, Soap, & then another power wash. $
  2. Interior Wash: This includes Vacuuming the inside & a Wipe down to make the inside look cleaner. $