Terms of Service

Purchase Policy

Velociti Entertainment does NOT take any responsibility for any mistakes you make with our Service. By buying anything on our website you agree that you will NOT Chargeback or attempt to Refund any of your Transactions through PayPal. If you are using another person’s money to buy a product off our Website, you agree by completing the purchase that you do have their permission to use their money for this Transaction. Using a person’s money without their permission will be dealt with Legally. By purchasing anything through Velociti Entertainment you agree that you are of the Legal Age (18) to make Online Transactions, & if NOT, the Owner of the Credit/Debit Car or PayPal Account Holder has Permitted you to do so.


Under Absolutely NO circumstances are payments to Velociti Entertainment Refundable. We do NOT offer refunds unless we deem you deserve one. As in if we or the Service makes a mistake we will refund you based upon a decision made there & then. Otherwise refunds are not a thing. Also we have the right to change any of our services at any time for any reason. Any attempted chargebacks or claims filed against Velociti Entertainment will be nullified. If you are somehow able to bypass these Terms or you are to make an attempt at filing a Chargeback, Dispute, or Claim on a Transaction, you will be Permanently Banned (IP/Steam) from all of our Services & anything that you own on any of our Services will be Removed. If you transferred any Purchases to another Person/Account those will be removed from that person.


Upon cancellation there will be a few things that happen: 
  1. Donators Tier 1-3
    1. Will be removed from the Tier Tag.
    2. Will no longer receive the Monthly Money Booster.
  2. VIP Tier 1-5
    1. Will be removed from the Tier Tag & Given Old Patreon Tag (So you can still access your Discord Private Channel)
    2. Will no longer receive the Monthly Money Booster.
    3. Will no longer have access to Buy VIP Vehicles but can still Driver or Sell your VIP Vehicles.
    4. Will be able to Keep your Gang if you Requested to Create your Gang before Cancellation.
    5. Will be able to Keep your Gang Hideout until another VIP wants that property.
    6. If you had access to VIP Shop Discounts you will lose that.

    If you have any questions about Donating please seek a Staff Member on our Discord.


Any Donator caught giving money to new players on the FiveM Server will result in your Donations being taken away. We consider this attempting to ruin the Economy. You can give them a small amount of In-Game Money however giving multiple people Millions of In-Game Currency can break the Economy and will be treated as so. Below is what will happen when caught trying to break the Economy:
  1. You will lose that Months Monthly Booster
  2. Any money given to a player will be removed.
    1. If the player already spent the money whatever they bought will be removed from their account.
    2. If the player spent the money on a consumable then the price of said items will be deducted from their account
  3. You will be placed on a Watch List. This means Staff will keep a closer eye on you & what you do.
  4. Examples of what we are talking about
    1. You give one-two of your friends $100,000 to start off with. This is Okay.
    2. You give one-two of your friends $1,000,000 to start off with. This isn’t okay.
    3. Random player joins server & you give them all your money b/c your leaving. This isn’t Okay.


If you are banned from any of our Servers you will not be Eligible for any Refunds. Any attempts of a Chargeback will result in being Permanently banned from all of our Applications & you will not be Eligible to submit an Unban Request. Any talk about possibly attempting a Chargeback will also result in a Ban.

If for example you give all your money to someone & then get banned that money will be removed from said person or persons.